The Future of Lead GenX (100 Free Outreach Templates)


Today I’m going to show you the website content template I use to create content and rank #1 (almost every time).

Once you start using it, it’s not uncommon for (high-up) people to share and go crazy for your content, like Taylor Swift fan boys:

linkedin testimonial image
Grab a free copy of the template below to use for yourself.

Or give it to your content writers so they have a proven system to follow for every piece of content they write for your business.

Fill-In-The-Blank Content Template (Valued at $250)
Then follow my instructions below to write your content.

The Topic
The URL Slug
The Outline
The Headline
The Meta Description
The Content Upgrade
The Attention & Interest
The Table Of Contents
The Desire
The Action
Bonus: The Image
Bonus: The Email
The Topic
In my post on content optimization I went over a step-by-step method to find a proven content topic (with buying intent) you can write about.

So I’m not going to go over that again here.

At the top of your template simply write the topic you found.